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“Wrong Intention” (Sorry for the Confusion)

By Omar Briones / January 25, 2011

The very first post I made on this blog talked about the power of Intention & knowing what you want to accomplish in life… I realize that you might actually want to accomplish a whole bunch of different things in different areas of your life (we all do)… Example: Health – Run a Marathon Financial […]


NEVER Trust Yourself… You Are Your Own WORST Enemy!!

By Omar Briones / January 20, 2011

Here’s the deal… If you have EVER set a goal for yourself or even PROMISED yourself that you would do something, but you STILL did not accomplish it, you are a victim of your own worst enemy (yourself)… NEVER EEEEEEEVER Trust Yourself!! I realized this when I started making promises to myself, and I still […]


Create a “FOCUS System” That Actually Works For You

By Omar Briones / January 15, 2011

What do I mean by that? Well… As mentioned in my previous post, it’s imperative to create a step by step action plan to reach your ultimate goals in life, but if you are not actually going to follow through with your action plan, it’s pretty much useless. You need to develop a system that […]


“Laying the Foundation of Your Freedom Road Map”

By Omar Briones / January 10, 2011

A challenge that a lot of people face when trying to accomplish a goal, is actually accomplishing it… In case you don’t see the irony in it, this isn’t a good thing. You should be accomplishing the goals that you actually make. The first step, as mentioned in my earlier post, “The Freedom Factor”, is […]