Create a “FOCUS System” That Actually Works For You –

Create a “FOCUS System” That Actually Works For You

What do I mean by that? Well… As mentioned in my previous post, it's imperative to create a step by step action plan to reach your ultimate goals in life, but if you are not actually going to follow through with your action plan, it's pretty much useless.

You need to develop a system that allows you to stay LASER FOCUSED on completing the necessary tasks to reach that goal… And you need to create one that actually WORKS for you!

If you struggle trying to accomplish your goals, or even just your daily tasks, I'm glad you're reading, because this post can change your life! You see, the reason you struggle is because you have not found the right “focus system” that works for you yet… I'm going to help you develop that right here and right now…

First of all, you NEED to have an action plan, because you won't have anything to work on if you don't know where you wanna be. So if you don't have one yet, you really need to set that up right now before reading any further – You can learn all about how to do that here: “Laying the Foundation for Your Freedom Road Map”

OK, now that you have a plan in place, it's time to develop your focus system… I simply can't determine how your specific system will be because that depends on YOU and your particular situation… For the most part, every focus system has the same common elements… So the important thing to remember is that your particular arrangement of the elements is totally up to you (just fit it to your life).

Here's how it goes:

The Focus System:

Every morning, as soon as you wake up & finish your daily shower, grooming, and getting all pretty & stuff…

1. Write it down EVERY task you need to complete for that day.

(and I mean the tasks you outlined in your action plan – the ones that will bring you closer to your ultimate life)

And have that list close to you at all times during the entire day.

Here's the key:

2. Don't do ANYTHING else until you have completed those tasks!!

The ONLY exception is when you need to take a 10 minute break, use the bathroom, eat lunch or dinner,  or clean your dish.

3. Check off the tasks you finish, and move on to the next one!

You always want to make sure to celebrate EVERY success you have!! Even the little things you take for granted, like that fact that you survived… That is a HUGE success!! And you need to CELEBRATE! :)

(that's it – that's the system) ;)

If you think this is too much for you, that means you're thinking too much. Keep your daily tasks super small & stupid simple!! The easier & quicker the job can be done, the easier & quicker your day will be, and you'll end up making more progress than you would without the system in place.

Little tiny bites will take you a long way in the long run.

You might have already tried this system, and you STILL don't seem to take action… And believe it or not, that's very common. But it's still very UNACCEPTABLE!!

If you want to be a success in life, and you want to reach your TRUE FULL potential in life, and make your dreams come true, you NEED to follow through with this system EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

NOTE: If this is you (if you try to take action and you just try and try but you just don't do anything) I happen to know why that is… I know what your missing. :)

I will explain everything in the next post, because I want to keep this post on topic… But if you happen to be this person who tries really hard to focus, but you just can't do anything, you really need to stick around and read my next post. Trust me on this one. ;)

My Personal Resources:

Personally, I use software to keep me focused on my tasks… The software I use is called Action Enforcer, and it only costs about 30 bucks (it's well worth the investment)… It keeps me LASER focused on my tasks for the day – and I like this one more than any other because it's very simple to use & it sits on my desktop (which is where I work on my tasks)

If you are not yet a member of Mark Joyner's Simpleology program, I HIGHLY recommend joining that now! It's totally free, and you will learn a ton of new stuff about getting things done…

When I first started out online, I miraculously found Mark Joyner's Simpleology program, and it literally changed my life. I was so focused on my goals, and it definitely works wonders!! I HIGHLY recommend it, if you don't want to pay $30 for Action Enforcer.

But what I wish I knew before hand was that trying to watch all the 30-day training videos is a bad idea, and it took all the energy out of me… So if you do sign up for Simpleology, take my advice and DO NOT watch more than 1 video training per day.


So whether you use software programs or just a piece of paper and a pen, you need to start your day off EVERYDAY, writing down the tasks you need to accomplish for that day, in order to ultimately reach your desired life… And don't do ANYTHING else, until you have completed that task, when you do check it off do a victory dance & move onto the next one…

And it's ALWAYS important to remember WHY you're doing it… Remember WHY you want freedom, WHY you want more time & money!! Think of your ultimate life everyday, and work towards it little tiny steps at a time, and you'll get there!

Sit around & read blog posts, check your facebook status, and watch videos all day, you will NEVER get there!!

Hope this post inspired you to start your own focus system! And I hope you enjoyed the resources I shared with you to help you set it up! As always, please let me know how I can help you reach your ultimate life! :)

P.S. Do you have a focus system that works for you? If so, what is your ritual?

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