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Goals Are Pointless… Here’s What You REALLY Need (Ancient SECRET Trick)…

You might be wondering why the heck I'm saying that goals are pointless, when I've been preaching that having goals in place are the foundation for your success… Well, I didn't mean to deceive you at all, and I'm sorry if I did…

But the fact of the matter is that if you have set goals for yourself in the past, and never actually achieved them, you have basically trained your mind to NEVER accomplish goals… And this can be for a number of reasons, which will be explained in a future post… If this is your case, I want to share the solution to this problem…

You see, since you've already programmed your mind to believe that goals are meant to never be accomplished, you can either invest in some┬áhypnotizing to MAKE you believe that goals are meant for you to accomplish… Or…

(Here's the REAL Secret)…

You can just CHANGE the word you use, to something that you ALREADY believe is meant for you to accomplish.

I learned this from a BRILLIANT Success Coach, named Chris Turner… He knows that when he sets a goal, his mind is so programmed to not accomplish them, that he just doesn't even bother setting them… Instead, he makes a PROMISE to himself that he will do it, and his word is MUCH stronger than “a goal”, so he does EVERYTHING in his power to following through with his PROMISE, and he gets it done! ;)

After he taught me that, I started making promises to myself & it really did make a difference in my performance! Because I honestly feel like making a promise FORCES me to follow through with it, no matter what the stakes are. I have NEVER broken a promise, and I intend to do everything I can to keep it that way… So I don't make promises I won't keep, and it works wonders for my own personal “goal setting”.

You can learn more from Chris Turner & connect with him at Chris-Turner.com

Now, I'm not saying this one word will work for everyone… For all I know, you might be known to break promises, and if that's the case you need to come up with a different word. Something that you can use to really hold yourself accountable to…

WARNING: The following might offend some of you (but these phrases might work for some people better than promise) – so if you've never broken a promise use PROMISE as your new word & disregard the little box below


Here are some examples:


“Swear to God”

“Promise to God”

“Put it on my mama”

“Put it on my daddy”

“Put it on my family”

“Put it on my hood” (I hear this one a lot in LA)


So now that you know the secret… Stop making goals & start making promises! (or whatever your word is)…

Write them down, and tell yourself that you WILL do this, if it's the last thing you do!!

Get'r done!!

P.S. You might notice that I'll still use the word, goal in future posts… I do this for the sake of those who did not read this post… But always remember – a promise is much more powerful than a goal. ;)

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    A nice distinction between two words. Kind of like the distinction between Asset & Liability.

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