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“Laying the Foundation of Your Freedom Road Map”

A challenge that a lot of people face when trying to accomplish a goal, is actually accomplishing it… In case you don't see the irony in it, this isn't a good thing. You should be accomplishing the goals that you actually make.

The first step, as mentioned in my earlier post, “The Freedom Factor”, is to make a commitment & give your full intention to what your goal is & actually accomplishing your goal. After you know without a doubt, what you want & how you're going to get there, you need to start planning it out.

And I suggest doing this by creating a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule to your success. However long it takes for you just sit down and plan your entire year out, to the very last hour of each day, just do it! I swear by this… If you just plan everything out, even though the reality is that life is probably not going to go exactly how you want it to, you will at least be on track to accomplishing your goal!

It takes true some discipline just to plan a month ahead of time, let alone a whole year… But it's super worth it! So I want to help you get this done, by providing you with a simple formula of mapping everything out… Just follow the steps below, and don't question “why” you should do them, just do them:

Step 1. Look at your ULTIMATE Life (the BIG end result) & imagine what it FEELS like to live that new life… How do you feel?

Step 2. Look at that same ULTIMATE Life, and imagine what it would feel like if you did NOT have that new life? How sucky does it feel to realize that you do not have that awesome life? What would you lose if you did NOT get there?

Step 3. Ask yourself: “How BADLY do you want that Ultimate Life?” Really… How much of a dream come true, it would be to live this Life?!!

– If you don't really want it as bad as you thought, start thinking of what you REALLY want instead.

Step 4. Outline Your Action Plan: What do you have to do in order to reach that Ultimate Life? Write down the basic fundamental steps that you need to accomplish FIRST, to reach your Ultimate Life.

– If you don't know what needs to be done, write down, “find out how to get this done” and start thinking of ways you're going to do that, like “find someone who knows how to do this”, and continue to think of ways you'll do that, like “search on google for experts in this”.

Step 5. Once you have your action steps laid out in front of you, organize them into steps… Put them in order from step 1 ==> step 2 ==> step 3…. all the way to the final step (your ultimate life)

– Now you should have the fundamental steps in place, and you just need to put them in your calendar… If you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend getting one ASAP, because it will help tremendously! Click here to get the one I use

Step 6. Determine how long you want to give yourself to accomplish each of those fundamental steps, and place them in your calendar's yearly planner…

– Let's say you have 36 fundamental steps away from your ultimate life… If you can realistically accomplish each of those steps within a month's time, you're only 3 years away from your ultimate life if you follow your blueprint!! Go ahead & place the first 12 in the yearly calendar.

Step 7. Now, start breaking each of those fundamental steps into smaller goals, by determining what needs to be done to reach that goal… And repeat steps 4-6 and mark the tiny steps into your monthly & weekly calendar.

Step 8. Now, EVERYDAY, follow through with your fundamental steps (no matter how small they seem) & don't let ANYTHING get in your way to accomplishing that little task! Remember that you're doing it to reach your ULTIMATE Life, and if you don't do it, you're NOT going to live it!!

The purpose of this formula, is to give you a REAL step by step action plan to follow to success… If you follow this formula to a tee, and complete EVERY action step you've created for yourself, you will without a doubt live your ULTIMATE Life!!

Focusing your energy on accomplishing your little tasks that will bring you closer to your ultimate life, is the real KEY… There is a HUGE lack of focus that people have nowadays, and it's screwing their dreams up! There are too many distractions going on nowadays, that cause people to lose focus on what they really want.

If you have trouble staying focused on your goals, there are solutions, and I will share these solutions with you in a later post, but for now…

It all pretty much comes down to how BADLY you want this… If you really want it MORE than ANYTHING in the world, you better take it seriously! This is your FREEDOM for crying out loud!!! This is your DREAM!!

What is your dream lifestyle?

& How BADLY do you want it?

P.S. Let me know how I can support you and your dream!

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Omar Briones

  • You’re right on: There are so many distractions in life that we have to be intentional about what we want. Thank you for laying out this road map and for sharing the actual “How To’s” to get there.

    • Omar Briones says:

      Oh yeah… Distraction after distraction… The best thing to do is just have everything scheduled, because you’ll know where you’re going, you’ll know that you’re getting there, and even if “distractions” come into play you are at least on the right track – working towards your dream. :)

  • Hey Omar,

    For some reason I always thought you had a blog, well better late than never. This is a really good post and most likely relates to many people. I know that I really need to keep myself organized more often when I’m working on projects.

    Eugene Schwartz said something very interesting today in an audio training I was listening to, he said to time yourself 33min & 33sec. That’s how long you should work for very intensively and then take a break. Then repeat the process. Work in very short high intensive bursts.

    Great post once again Omar and we shall see some more :)

    • Omar Briones says:

      Hey Nathan,

      Good to see ya here buddy! :)

      I’ve had this blog for a couple years now… Just haven’t really decided what I wanted to blog about till a few days ago, when I just decided to blog about different things I know that will help people in some way.

      That’s interesting – 33min & 33sec… I don’t know who Eugene is, and I don’t know why he tells people to do that… But it works for him & that’s all that matters… You have to find your own system – your own way to work towards your goal… That system won’t work for everybody because everyone’s unique…

      You’ll learn more about this on the very next post actually, where I’ll teach how to create and use the right system for you. :)

      Thanks again bro!


    • Ooh I like that short bursts idea Nathan – good deal and thanks for the share!

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