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“Wrong Intention” (Sorry for the Confusion)

The very first post I made on this blog talked about the power of Intention & knowing what you want to accomplish in life… I realize that you might actually want to accomplish a whole bunch of different things in different areas of your life (we all do)…


  • Health – Run a Marathon
  • Financial – Earn Million$ of Dollar$/year
  • Business – Change the World

So does that mean you should make your intention set out to accomplish all of the above?

Not necessarily.

I apologize for not making this point clearer from the beginning… But you have to focus on accomplishing just ONE thing first…

Which ONE is the most BURNING one in you right now? (trust me there's only ONE)… Even when you have multiply things you would like to accomplish in different areas of your life, there's really just one ULTIMATE vision… And if you don't find that ONE ultimate vision, no matter how powerful your intention is, you'll be moving towards nothing…

If you set your “intention” to do all those different things at the same time, you won't be able to focus on accomplishing any of them… There's no such thing as focusing on multiple things at one time (it's an oxymoron) – Focus means concentrating your efforts and intention on ONE objective… So how do you discover what your ultimate vision should be and where you should put your intention?


This is by far the MOST important element to becoming FREE!! Don't wanna miss this…

The true meaning to FREEDOM & Success (at least for me) is being able to live the way you want… To be able to do what you want, how you want, when you want, and be completely comfortable with ALL aspects of your life… It has nothing to do with money, fame, fortune, mansions, cars, clothes (those are just materialistic outcomes of your success)…

So how do you really be successful & free?

Do what you LOVE!! Follow your heart!! Discover your TRUE Passion, and go with it!

I don't know a SINGLE Successful, Happy, and FREE person on Earth, who does not live their Passion & do what they LOVE! But I do know a lot of people who have made a fortune, who are the most DEPRESSED people in the world!

Through finding your Passion in life, and realizing what really MOVES you, you can begin living life to its FULLEST!! And some people NEVER find their true passion & never get to live free… So, your ultimate intention should be your Calling…

“What is YOUR Calling?”

What have you been put on this planet to do? What is your purpose? Where does your heart's true desire?

There are so many different ways to figure this out – depending on what you're already use to doing… Here are some of the most common ways:

If you're a writer – Sit down for a few minutes, look at your life, and ask yourself, “What's my calling?  What am I here to do?” & start journaling your thoughts…

If you meditate – Go ahead… Relax & sit up straight… Go to your special place, and ask your higher self the same question, “What's my calling? What am I here to do?”

If you pray – Ask your higher power the same question, “What's my calling? What am I here to do?” or ask he/she to bless you with the discovery of your calling (ask for ideas)

If you talk to yourself in the shower – Ask yourself, “What's my calling? What am I here to do?”

If you sleep – Just think to yourself, ”What's my calling? What am I here to do?” and concentrate on that question for as long as you can, until you drift away to Imagination Land. ;)


No matter which strategy you choose… If you don't come up with the answer then & there, don't worry – it will come… Just think on this for a few minutes a day, and the answer will come when you least expect it…

That's because the answer is ALREADY in you (you just have to find it) ;)

My Purpose & ULTIMATE Vision (My Example)

In case you're still a little confused about what your INTENTION should be, here's the example of myself:


My intention was all scattered around… I had an “intention” to accomplish a whole bunch of stuff…

1. Health

  • Master Won Hwa Do

2. Business

  • Create a bunch of Niche Blogs (on all the things I'm into & A LOT of random stuff)
  • Have a bunch of Videos in different niches
  • Have a bunch of Articles in different niches
  • Help 10,000 people improve their lives

3. Financial

  • Make $250k/year

It actually was a lot more crazier than this… Just to list the niche blogs one by one will overwhelm you… I just wanna give you a good idea of how scattered I was…

NOW… After I Found My Purpose:

My intention is on ONE thing… And I can not express how AMAZINGLY free I feel to realize it… And now, everyday, I feel the fire really BURN in my heart!! :)

My purpose is to:

“Give people hope & show them the way to freedom”

That pretty much sums it up… Those words mean a lot – remember what I said freedom means… It's being able to do what you love, when you want, and nothing you wouldn't want to do… I can show you how to get paid doing what you love, and that's what I will show you how to do later on this blog. ;)

That's my ULTIMATE vision… That's my DRIVE! And from there, I just broke it down into individual goals to bring me there. Let me break it down for you – These are my goals:

1. Complete at least 1 chapter in my book (categories on this blog) every month

==> Because that's what I do here – Giving you hope and showing you the way to freedom

2. Spread the word out to people who need it.

3. Work with teams of people who will help create my vision

==> I leverage other people's willingness to help, to make niche sites, articles, videos, ebooks, training programs, coaching programs, and other material that will ultimately help people live free, and experience more love & fun in their life.

4. Help at least 1 person a day in some way (with their business, marketing, copywriting, goals, etc)

==> It feels so freaking AWESOME to wake up everyday knowing that I'm going to help at least with something that I am PASSIONATE about & that I LOVE!! ;)

Now, of course I still take care of my health… But right now, I'm focused on helping people live free… That's my only intention, and it's what I live for! And frankly, mastering Won Hwa Do is not really going to help people live free… So at the moment, I practice Won Hwa Do just for the fun of it, and I don't expect to master it anytime soon. :)

I want to hear from you!!

What's your purpose? What were you put on this planet to do? What is currently BURNING in your heart? Truly, what do you want to do right now?

Whatever it is, I can help you!! Just let me know what it is. ;)

P.S. If you need help discovering this burning passion & desire of yours, or figuring out how to accomplish it, just let me know… Fill out the form below, to schedule a 15 minute coaching call with me at no cost to you ($100 value), and whatever you want to get done, we'll find a way together. ;)

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